10 Steps becoming a strong A&R

Submitted by seka on 21/10/05
10 Steps becoming a strong A&R
10 Steps becoming a strong A&R

Julio Galvez aka @thewhooligan based out of New York City and A&R / Label Manager of Paradise Americas put together 10 steps becoming a strong A&R. Beside being a great team member to all of us Julio has his radio show on @source_radio every 2nd Friday fully packed with positive vibrations and beautiful soul music. Don't miss it!! 

Here we go - in no particular order: 

- Flexible: be open to all ideas, adjustments are positive

- Patience: gentle but firm, things take time

- Sensitive: empower artist's creativity and vision, fill in the gaps

- Accountable: be responsible, stay on point

- Fearless: if you believe in it, make it happen

- Collaborative: work together to create success, connect the dots 

- Timely: deadlines keep everyone on point  

- Delegate: everyone has strengths, motivate to execute

- Adventurous: think outside the box, have fun with it

- Realistic: trust your gut, be honest, don't over promise

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