Welcome to Paradise x #weareparadiseworldwide

Submitted by seka on 21/09/01
Welcome to Paradise Worldwide
Welcome to Paradise x #weareparadiseworldwide

Are you an independent artist or label trying to find a home? We are independent just like you, and this is our home, Paradise Worldwide. Founded in 2009, we are global with offices globally across Berlin, Mexico City, San Francisco, Johannesburg, Shenzhen and New York City. As said, we are 100% independent (not the indie arm of a major!!) AND we own our very own state of the art technology which we are constantly evolving to meet the needs of independent content creators! We like to say Paradise is where passionate music lovers & technology meet. And we also like to think we are revolutionising the way artists and labels ‘do’ the music business & in turn, how the world hears their favorite songs! So, if we sound like a good fit and you want to maximise opportunity to monetise your content across platforms, if you’re looking for access to cutting edge technology and tools to analyse your listenership then reach out to us in Paradise! From premium label services to artist centric release planning, we are a one stop solution without the hassle of waiting for a ticketing system or being one of millions trying to be heard.

Keep your rights.

Remain independent.

Join Paradise today.





Track ID: Bedandclouds - You - Free.99 Records

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