Be The Change – Women Making Music Report

Do you want to know how female creators in the music industry feel? Do you want to know what changes are still to be made, according to them? Well, this is your chance. BE THE CHANGE- Women Making Music is a survey that was made in order to address specifically those issues. Let’s go over it together!

The survey, which was made by MIDia Research, took place in February 2021, and was assisted by a variety of music industry associations, networks and influencers working directly on issues faced by women creators. BE THE CHANGE- Women in Music was distributed globally, and there were 504 responders, of which 401 were female creators. It is to date, the largest survey of female music makers.

The most widely cited problem among female creators was sexual harassment or objectification: almost two thirds of the women surveyed identified the matter as a key challenge in the industry. Of the 401 women creators around the world, 81% believe that it is harder for female artists to get recognition than male artists.

It is no secret that music composition and production have primarily been connected to men, so in consequence the majority of women creators (63%) feel excluded from the composition and production. These challenges that female creators are facing are the result of deeper issues, and of course, of unbalanced power dynamics.

The female creators on the survey also provided insight in how they think the industry could be more equal. First and foremost, women want changes to come from within organizations in order to bring more female creators into the industry. The most practical starting point is in female-friendly resources and safe workspaces (something in which 34% of the female creators in the survey agreed), and 35% of women creators want more change to come from learning and shared experiences, such as coaching and mentoring.

We at Paradise believe in the inclusion of women, and want to encourage that in every occasion that we get. That is why, in January 2022, we launched Searching for Paradise in collaboration with Women in Music South Africa; a concept we hope to roll out across other territories worldwide. Submissions closed successfully at the end of February, with over 250 emerging women-identifying artists participating. The final compilation will be released on the 29th of April, 2022. With this initiative, we are inspired to grow a more equal and fair environment for female creators in the music industry.