Don’t Release Your Next Song Before You Have Done These 10 Things

It all starts with a song. 

You have it in your head, you plan it, and then you finally record it. But nowadays, it is not as easy as just releasing it. With the amount of artists that release their music daily, we have gathered up some tips so your music does not goes unheard. 

Here, 10 things that you must do before releasing your next song: 

1- Get your pre-save link, so you can get the song interest up & feed the algorithms which assists with the next points.

2- Pitch to Spotify for Artists (early as you possibly can), we do this too in case you don’t get to it! Submitting to the form doesn’t only mean to get it in front of Spotify editors, it also means that you will immediately be added to Release Radar on release day.

3- Update your profiles across your socials: info and look of artist and label should appear, do playlists, etc.

4- Announce on your socials that you are releasing in an innovative way. Share the release date. Get people talking! Tag friends of your brand! People are bombarded with content these days. You need to create some content that is actually going to engage them! You could share snippets of the release video, talk about the song and how it was created, what it’s about etc. 

5- Set yourself a goal for your release so you can measure the success. This could be a set amount of followers, streams or YouTube views. 

6- Set a timeline (we suggest to ingest your release at least one month in prior and promote one month post release).

7- Make sure you have up to date profile images and artwork sorted. This needs to be representative of your sound and music. 

8- Media Release – find a killer wording ready for the blogs and feeds.

9- Get online features: this one you need to do this pre release. Get influencers on board and get them to support. Secure premiers (exclusives) or media releases for after release. 

10- Secure radio, pitch with the media release and include the download link to the tracks before your release! Don’t forget ISRC details too!