Empowering the Next Wave: SAMPRA and Paradise Worldwide Welcome, New Interns Seipati Ndlovu and Boitumelo Malatji!

South African Music Peformance Rights Association (SAMPRA) and Paradise Worldwide are proud to announce the arrival of their latest interns, Seipati Ndlovu and Boitumelo Malatji, reinforcing their commitment to developing new talent and empowering the youth. This is a means to impact the future of music and entertainment as we know it, a grassroots approach with budding minds, and access to the tools to advance their careers with knowledge and skills.

Seipati Ndlovu contributes a diverse media background to the team, blending her experience as a freelance writer and presenter with her academic pursuits. Currently undertaking an honours degree in media and communication at the University of Johannesburg, her research is distinctly focused on AI models and indigenous languages, showcasing her commitment to blending technology with cultural preservation.

Boitumelo Malatji, holding a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Operations from the University of the North-West, enters with a deep-rooted passion for gospel music that inspired the founding of his record label, Blossom of Music Records. His internship will cover a range of duties, from administrative tasks to securing clients for Paradise Africa, as a means to develop his skills as a junior label manager. This opportunity is linked to one of Paradise Worldwide’s core values, which is to develop more independent labels and artists. He will be enhancing his communication prowess through press release composition for artists under Paradise Sound System.

Both interns will contribute significantly to the Africa Rising Music Conference, deepening their industry insights and fostering crucial conversations with their unique perspectives and fresh minds. This internship serves as a platform to cultivate and develop an understanding of their interests and how they can contribute to objectives in a meaningful way. As the latest beneficiaries of the Building Bridges programme led by SAMPRA & Paradise Worldwide, they will leverage their distinctive talents, benefit from dedicated coaching, and display their skills on a broader stage.

The narrative of success extends to former interns like Namakau Socika and Siyabonga Qoba, who have seamlessly transitioned into pivotal roles within Paradise Worldwide. Namakau, now an A&R Communications Lead, excels in managing DSP partnerships and educating musicians on their work’s value, embodying a unique blend of talent, work ethic, and vibrant spirit. Siya, known for his flamboyant style and humour, has diversified his role to include artist liaison, press release authoring, and scouting, contributing significantly to the company’s dynamic culture.

As Paradise Worldwide expands its footprint in the African music industry, facilitated by partnerships like that with SAMPRA , it fosters talent development and strengthens its organisational capacity.

In welcoming Seipati Ndlovu and Boitumelo Malatji, we’re embracing the future of music leadership. Their diverse backgrounds and passions mirror our commitment to fostering talent. Together, we’re poised to shape a dynamic industry landscape. As they embark on their journey, we invite you to witness the transformation they’ll bring.

From the Paradise Africa Team

“As the A&R Communications Lead, I’m honoured to spearhead our team’s efforts in nurturing talent and forging strategic partnerships with DSPs. Together, we’re not just shaping the music landscape; we’re redefining it.” Namakau Star A&R, Communications Lead

“Looking forward to passing on the baton to our next interns and turning them into strong music executives.” Thabo Phahlane Head Label Manager, A&R – Paradise Africa