In Paradise With: Don Alex Albert

This week, we are in Paradise with Don Alex Albert! Don Alex Albert is an engaging and innovative Mexican Artist/Producer, who is dedicated to find, combine and modernize those “classic hits” for the current dance floor.

Born between the party and the “after-hours “, Don Alex Albert strives to move forward in the music scene and dive deep in the more mental and psychotropic confines of dance music. Read our interview with him & find out about him, below!

Q: What is your original hometown & your current residency place? 

A: Mexico City, Mexico City.

Q: Tell us in a short way about your musical background & early influences. 

A: I started my musical journey back when I was 10 years old finding myself in classes of acoustic guitar and then following up the next years studying and playing at the orchestra in my school with the trumpet lead section and on the percussion section. After that I started playing some jazz music with some friends. We made a little band in Venezuela when I was 14; when I was 15, I started experimenting with this program called “Garage Band”, there I fell in love with the electronic sounds and synthesizers.

Q: What is your favorite digital service to discover fresh new music? 

 A: BandCamp and Soundcloud.

Q: What is the very first musical product you acquired or discovered?  

A: Digitally I think it was “The B Sides” by Moby. Physically I think it was the Alan Parsons Project “Eye in the sky”.  

Q: Which of your own projects is exciting you the most at the moment?  

A: I think Dj Sobrio really gets me going, this is a project me and my partner in crime Federico merge into this fusion of sounds and rhythms from lo-fi to house music. We just finished our first full album and are currently working on getting it signed on a big label.

Q: Which are your proudest musical achievement and a genuine milestone in your career? 

A: My biggest musical achievement has been the release of my remix for Marvin Gaye, “What’s Going on”!!

Q: What is your dream gig and performance location today? 

A: My dream gig right now probably would be to be playing a looooong 8 hr set at Sunwaves, where I can trip in most my musical journey; or at some underground community festival!  

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