In Paradise with: Fata Boom

How did the band come about? Take us back to the very beginning…

Fata Boom was born after a very drunk handshake between Ammo K and Mailmen at the backstage party of the 3FM-awards which lead to a studio session in which two tracks were written and a secret soundcloud-link was sent out to a few music-industry-bigwigs. After that, Melkweg booked them their first show, before a band was even formed. After that it went quickly; their second show was a show at Noorderslag, an important Dutch festival that showcases upcoming talent. Fully booked festival seasons, a busy Popronde-tour and a sold-out clubtour later Fata Boom was a fact!

What’s Your Songwriting Process? How has COVID impacted this?

Martijn (Mailmen) builds his beat and Ammo K comes to his studio and we just sort of write on the spot. Ammo K is pretty fast with lyrics so we normally write and record it on the spot, meaning we often do multiple tracks a day. After the studio sesh, Martijn will continue to tweak the sounds and mix it untill it’s all done. Thankfully COVID didn’t really have an impact on us, as we work as a dynamic duo, we can keep our distance and be safe during these COVID-times.

What does being Independent mean to you?

It means we can take more risks for we don’t have to justify our creativity to a label, but we can move quickly and do what we feel. That doesn’t mean we wouldn’t be interested in having a label but it’s key the label gets who we are and what we stand for and we do want to portray that’s okay to be different and to fully express yourself in whatever way you want to. We do want Fata Boom to have a liberating feel to it. We want to stand up for more equality, more diversity and more badass people that dare to speak up and be theirselves.

What can we expect from Fata Boom 2021 – 2022?

We are busy with a lot of things actually! We are about to release a sequence of brand new singles and similtaniously on the hunt for a new bandmember. We have only just joint forces with Paradise and we are working on strategies to hopefully reach more ears outside of the Netherlands. We are also busy with a collab and have recently joined Tiktok 😉 So we are working it this upcoming year! All excited and living for it!

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