In Paradise With: Pasquinel

We are excited to introduce to you Pasquinel! A DJ and producer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He is known for his edits and playing eclectict sets ranging from HipHop, R&B, Disco and especially FutureBeats. Over the last few years he started making a name for himself as a producer, getting worldwide recognition for his edits, making sure they are as eclectic as his sets. 

Pasquinel Debut EP “Overdrive” with the third single “I know U Know” dropped last Friday, April 22nd! You can listen to his single by hearing our latest #paradiseweekly. To know more about him, read below! 

Q: What is your original hometown & your current residency place?

A: Born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Q: Tell us in a short way about your musical background & early influences.

A: I grew up in a home where music was always playing. From Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder to more Latin influenced music like Gloria Estefan, Linda Ronstadt and more. I was always walking around with Walkmans listening to music, always trying to discover new artists, songs and albums.

Q: What is your favorite digital service to discover fresh new music?

A: Spotify

Q: What is the very first musical product you acquired or discovered? 

A: The first cd I bought with my own money was Usher’s album My Way

Q: Which of your own projects is exciting you the most at the moment?

A: I’m super excited to finally release my debut EP ‘Overdrive’ with the third single ‘I Know U Know’.

Q: Which are your proudest musical achievement and a genuine milestone in your career?

A: I’ve co-produced the song Bullseye by JessB, which has reached over 1.3m streams on Spotify and has been featured in a video released by Mark Zuckerberg. That was superdope to be part of.

Q: What is your dream gig and performance location today?

A: Right now, I would love to perform my debut EP ‘Overdrive’ with a live band at Lowlands Festival (The Netherlands)

Follow him on Instagram: @pasquinel_dj