In Paradise with: Rishi

Tell us about your start as an artist/band…  

My first release “Believe” was so much fun however it wasn’t until my second release “Move my body” whereby Deep Aztec did a remix that I really started finding my way. If it weren’t for his guidance & advice I’m not sure I’d be as confident musically as I am today. I’m genuinely grateful for that. He has been an inspiration & mentor for me.

Take us back to the very beginning… 

I initially studied to become a lawyer, I ended up getting my Bcomm degree in business law. However since a young age I would always search for new music, blog about deep house house music & get lost within it. I then decided to give DJing a try, I bought my first CDJ’s and just couldn’t stop playing, I loved every single second of it. Once I felt confidant enough I thought, let me give ableton a try. I first messed about, my tunes were terrible at first to be honest but I kept at it. Covid ended up being really good for me, it forced me to learn about the process of making music properly. When I was young I learned how to play piano, I remember grasping everything so quickly, but purely because I enjoyed every single second of my lessons. This carried through with my music. I still have a lot to learn but most importantly I’m having so much fun.

What’s Your Songwriting Process?  

I love making modern sounds with vintage synths/instruments. – i produce on ableton live 10 (mostly known as ableton) – majority of the sounds i make are from scratch composed by me – i like using the Arturia synths bundle that emulates a lot of classic vintage synths – i record guitars through my apollo interface – whenever i produce i think about creating a story for the listener to dive in and get lost in the sounds that’s why i love making wide atmospheres to pick sounds from. I’m lucky in the sense that I have a very calm environment, my studio faces the ocean & is so serene.

How has COVID impacted this? 

Covid has genuinely improved my producing. I’ve had the time to listen to more music & to practice instruments.

What does being Independent mean to you? 

Being independent is important however I’m all for empowering and assisting eachother as artists. It’s a tough industry and I feel that we need to support eachother. There’s room for all of us to shine.

What can we expect from you 2021 – 2022? 

I have remixes being released by JT Donaldson aswell as DJ Dove set out in the beginning of 2022 which I’m really excited about. I’ve been so greatly inspired by both of these artists, it’s truly a dream come true.


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