In Paradise with: Ritter Butzke Records

In short, tell us about the people behind the label? 

We are artists, DJs, producers, event managers and alike. The label is mainly run by Matthias Schuell but there is a whole team behind it that takes part in decisions and selections.

Who are they, where do they come from? 

Matthias Schuell is a DJ and producer from Berlin and is the A&R and label manager, Robert Weidemann is a DJ and the booker of the Ritter Butzke Club and David Kreutzer aka as SOLVANE is a DJ and radio presenter at Berlin radio station “Fritz“. Also, a huge part of the team is Bodo Banali who is creating our fantastic artworks and animations that are contributing hugely to our products. But there are too many more people behind the label doing their part and creating the community.

Why in the first place you wanted to start a Label?

The label was already started and was reshaped between 2018/2020 with a rebranding and a brand-new team. The main idea is to expand the locally limited Club Ritter Butzke to an international platform for electronic music under the same name.

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Releases per year:


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Most successful release on the label: 

Our Ritter Butzke – 10 Years Compilation with artists such as Booka Shade, Digitalism, Extrawelt, Oliver Koletzki, Nto, Mathias Kaden, Monkey Safari, Oliver Schories and many more. We also spent the money and released this one on vinyl and it was sold out within a couple of weeks.

How do you find your signings?

We address people in our community and also sign from sent promos. The “Triation” compilation series is to be named here which is our platform for any kind of artist if the music fits the community’s taste.

If you could sign a track from any artist in the world, who would it be and why? 

Our artists of course! We are very happy with the people joining our community lately and regularly!

Finish the sentence – Advice to my younger self as a label manager would be… 

Don’t push it – be patient

Finish the sentence – Where do you see your Label in the future? 

Growing and flushed with good music and demos 🙂

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Finish the sentence – Who are some of the artists from the Label we should keep an eye during this year? 

All of them – but also the sentence seems to be pretty finished, haha.

Is there anything else you want to let us know about your label?  

Support us, support our distributor Paradise Worldwide and come visit us at our Club Ritter Butzke in Berlin, Kreuzberg!