In Paradise with: Tilly Jam

In short, tell us about the people behind the label? 

The Label is a run by me, Till – I do everything by myself!

Who are they, where do they come from? 

Im from northern germany but based in Berlin since 15yrs.

Why in the first place you wanted to start a Label? 

I wanted to have an outlet for my own music. After being signed to other labels for 12 yrs i felt like its time to be on my own. 

Promo opportunity: link / info about a release you would like our community to support.

Atm i release one track each month more or less. When i first started it was more like an EP every 2-3 months but now with the pandemic and lots of time in the studio things shifted. Last month I dropped a 2 tracker called Tschaka‘n’Tscheka. 

Most successful release on the label: 

The first track from my last Album called Aloha just hit 3million Streams last month which feels totally unreal still and im super stoked!

How do you find your signings?

Whenever someone sends me music i feel im good to go, i dont look actively for new stuff.

If you could sign a track from any artist in the world, who would it be and why?

Etienne De Crecy – Prix Choc

Because that was the track that kicked off my love for house music.


Advice to my younger self as a label manager would be...  

just go for it and enjoy the ride

Where do you see your Label in the future?

Just release some dope jams and dont take shit too serious..

Who are some of the artists from the Label we should keep an eye during this year?

Well as its mostly about me right now..guess what? 😉

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