In Paradise With: XXC Legacy

Get to know trailblazing South African hip-hop talent, XXC Legacy. 

Originally from Orange Groove, Johannesburg-based XXC Legacy  is a multi-talented artist, with creativity that spans both fashion and music. Her latest release, END OF DAYS EP, is an experimental project curated by herself & consists of a boom bop feel of inspired hip-hop and RnB sounds. Read the interview we had with her & find out more about XXC Legacy, below. 

Q: What is your original hometown & your current residency place?

A: Orange Groove is my hometown, and I stay in Joburg.

Q: Tell us in a short way about your musical background & early influences.

A: I started playing the violin with the age of four, but at some point my mom wasn’t able to pay the lessons anymore. Then I played the keyboard at my uncles house and started my education at the National School Of Arts. I played piano & clarinette there, but started rapping & and explore my musical talents even more.

Q: What is your favorite digital service to discover fresh new music?

A: YouTube. I discover fresh new music on YouTube.

Q: What is the very first musical product you acquired or discovered? 

A: Definitely the violin. And the keyboard.

Q: Which of your own projects is exciting you the most at the moment?

A: Definitely my new EP, End Of Days. Especially the songs “Falling” & “On The Low”

Q: Which are your proudest musical achievement and a genuine milestone in your career?

A: The fact that I am distributing music with Paradise. So it would be the PSS agreement, with that a lot of opportunities came my way. The Crosstrainer Campaign, Interview Appointments, 702 Radio was definitely a highlight…yeah those were openings to the industry created by the given opportunities from Paradise Africa.

Q: What is your dream gig and performance location today?

A: For now, Rocking The Daisies is high on the list. Yeah, I would say Rocking The Daisies.