Insights from Women at Paradise

At Paradise Worldwide, women are integral to our workforce, driving innovation, creativity, and success. This blog post highlights those remarkable women who contribute their talents and expertise to our diverse workplace. Enjoy their perspectives!

Galya Tityukova (Gallya), Bulgaria

Electronic & Dance Department (Paradise Worldwide) 

Q: Tell us about your journey in the music industry?

A: My music journey started ten years ago in Bulgaria, where I made the first step in DJing. Not long after that, I started my education in music production.

Things started happening to me extremely fast, and in a few years, I had releases on many major electronic labels, such as Mau5trap, Elrow, Glasgow Underground, Deeperfect, and more. In 2016, I was nominated for Beaport’s Tech House award. I have had gigs all over the globe, including countries like Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and all over Europe.  

In 2015, I started my record label, Set About Music, in partnership with Metodi Hristov. The label is among Beatport’s top techno labels, with over two hundred releases, including those by Gus Gus, Dennis Cruz, Stefano Noferini, Matt Sassari, Juliet Fox, and more. My track “Machines,” released on Set About, was picked for a scene in the Hollywood movie “The Followers.” 

My breakthrough moment was in 2019 when Deadmau5 signed me to his label. I did two official remixes of his tracks and played with him on Creamfields—Generator Stage.  

In January of 2023, I moved to Berlin because I was completely blocked artistically and needed a change after the Covid situation. Then, my music journey took a new direction, and I started working in the music business. Now, part of Paradise, I found a new passion. Understanding how the music business works helped me greatly with my artist block. I now live in Ibiza, representing Paradise and pursuing my DJ career. 

Q: Can you share a musical influence that inspires you?

A: I remember listening to DJ Bobo from morning to late night since I was a little kid. Dance music has always been my absolute love and passion, and I have never been interested in any other genre. My top favourite songs that shaped my style as an artist are from Benassi Brothers, The Prodigy, and Enigma. Later, I discovered more underground artists like Audiofly, Luca Bacchetti, Davide Squillace and Loco Dice. I am now a DJ and Producer, and because of these names, they will always have a special place in my heart.  My music guilty pleasures are Christmas songs. 

Leonie Junge , Germany

Junior Label Manager in Apprenticeship  

Q: What are your main areas of responsibility at Paradise Worldwide?

A: As a Label Manager, I support my clients in releasing music. I guide them through the questions of when to release music, how to engage with and build up their audience, and how to drive that audience to their music on a daily basis.

As an apprentice, I am essentially here to learn and support. In such a diverse company, I can learn multiple facets of the music industry, from the revenue and rights chain in distribution and publishing to Social Media Management and sales(wo)menship.

In exchange for the knowledge my colleagues provide me, I help them out with administrative tasks to take some time off their schedules. Additionally, I am trying to bring a positive and youthful spirit into our day-to-day office days. 

Q: Tell us about your journey in the music industry?

A: My journey in music actually started off at Paradise! After my graduation, I started working here as an intern. I am grateful for the introduction & guidance the company has provided me in my first years in the industry, including valuable experiences like travelling to South Africa for the Africa Rising Music Conference, to Amsterdam for my first ADE, and even speaking on a panel at ESNS about how to close the data gap between the artist & the consumers.  It was quite a cool way to start off in this complex industry, I must say.

Q: Can you share a musical influence that inspires you?

A: Figures in the industry whose work and/or music inspires me at the moment are Caroline Polachek, André 3000, Frank Ocean, Lil Yachty, Fred again…, MCR-T, Life From Earth, HEADACHE, ML Buch, Nabihah Iqbal, Tom Misch, Avishai Cohen, NTS Radio and of course some legends like Prince, Stevie Wonder, Chet Baker…only naming the ones, that come to my mind right now. I’m in a state of exploring right now.

Generally, I am inspired by the spirit of independence. Initially, it was easy to be impressed by big companies, names and figures, but the more time I have spent working in this realm, the more I understand what it takes to say: I am independent. Artists who truly build themselves up, both in the industry AND in their skill, who take care & time to build a strong team around them and might even reject a tempting opportunity to stay grounded in their values, truly inspire me professionally and personally.

Renata Loyola, Portugal – Brazil

Music Business Advisor

Q: What are your main areas of responsibility at Paradise Worldwide?

A: My goal is to contribute to Paradise’s overall growth and success regarding legal and business affairs, music publishing, stakeholders’ relations and global strategies such as collective rights management and AI, ensuring, together with its fabulous team, that Paradise remains at the forefront of the ever-evolving music business environment. 

Q: Can you share a musical influence that inspires you?

Guilty! Very eclectic music tastes, from Brazilian bossa nova, classic rock and roll, jazz, soul, country, blues, D&B and EDM beats. Depending on the artists, I can also dance to pop music. 

Jules Spielmann, Germany

Project Manager

Q: What are your main areas of responsibility at Paradise Worldwide?

A: My main area is the planning and implementing of projects and related preparatory and follow-up activities, administrative tasks, and corresponding other activities.

Q: Tell us about your journey in the music industry?

A: My musical journey began by taking music lessons outside of school at the age of 6. This passion led me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Songwriting at BIMM University, which I entered in 2019 and successfully completed in 2022. 

In early 2023, I joined SJNCO as a Management Assistant as well as the Africa Rising Music Conference as a Project Management Assistant. As Paradise is one of ARMC’s main partners, I’ve been in close contact with the team since day one, and I’m super excited to officially be part of the team now! 

Beyond my work with Paradise and now being the project lead for the ARMC, I worked as a Booking Assistant for XP Music Futures 2023. I’m also the bassist for the established Berlin-based Pop-Rock band Sector 5. Sector 5 has made a name for itself in the industry by winning the German Pop & Rock Prize and the Welcome to Europe Song Contest in 2023. We are going on our first support tour this March with the Slovenian band Joker Out, who participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2023, which is super exciting! 

Q: Can you share a musical influence that inspires you?

A: I’m constantly inspired by a whole range of musicians and bands, from Lizzo to Leah Kate, Doja Cat to Twenty-One Pilots, Måneskin, I Prevail, Normandie, and so many more. I listen to various genres, whether rock, pop, hip-hop/rap, metalcore, or RnB. What matters most to me is that the music evokes emotion. 

Berlin artist Cloudy June has also greatly impacted my music journey. Her dedication to supporting the feminist and queer communities and the empowerment among her fans is extremely inspiring to me. 

As a female bassist, I also draw inspiration from artists like Blu DeTiger and Victoria De Angelis. Their talent and presence in the music industry inspire me and motivate me to make meaningful contributions to the industry. 

Rhema Namakau Stephanie Socika, South Africa/ Zambia  

A&R and Communications Lead  Africa 

Q: What are your main areas of responsibility at Paradise Worldwide?

A: Business Relations, Artist Relations, and overall communications for Paradise Africa 

Q: Tell us about your journey in the music industry?

A: My background in the music industry is as an independent musician with a unique perspective as a black woman who sought to be a leader in the alternative rnb and hip-hop space. This meant being hyper-creative as well as proactive in my approach to managing my own career.  

Q: Can you share a musical influence that inspires you?

A: Erykah Badoo is one of my biggest inspirations as she has played a major role in my approach as a writer 

Eda Iskeceli, Turkey

Social Media and Performance Marketing Manager

Q: What are your main area of responsibility at Paradise Worldwide?

A: I am responsible for content creation, campaigns, and managing the social media accounts of Paradise Worldwide. Additionally, I oversee the creation of digital marketing strategies for our artists and labels, ensuring their releases and music videos reach a wider audience through effective campaigning. It’s a fulfilling role that allows me to contribute to the success of our talents and strengthen their presence in the music industry. 

Q: Tell us about your journey in the music industry?

I’ve worked as a marketing professional for over 10 years, always with a passion for music at heart. Three years ago, I made the move from my hometown of Istanbul, Turkey to Berlin, Germany, seizing an opportunity at Paradise Worldwide. It’s been a pleasure immersing myself in the dynamics of the music industry here, delving into everything from release strategies to royalty collection and rights management, and sharing this knowledge with my colleagues. 

What truly motivates me is the opportunity to collaborate closely with my favourite artists and labels, assisting them in building their digital presence. Each day brings the excitement of working alongside talented individuals, contributing to their success and the vibrant music community we’re part of. 

Q: Can you share a musical influence that inspires you?

A: The musician who significantly influences my work is Janet Jackson. Janet’s innovative approach to music, her fearless exploration of various genres, and her commitment to social commentary serve as a source of inspiration for me. Her ability to push boundaries and challenge the status quo resonates deeply with my daily work. Also, I love that her music not only entertains but educates and empowers listeners. 

Mandy Salem-Aubry, British (and also French, through marriage) 

Head of Knowledge and Communication

Q: What are your main areas of responsibility at Paradise Worldwide?

A: As Head of Knowledge and Communication, I am responsible for providing the best possible support to all territories and product units within Paradise Worldwide. In doing so, I spread the knowledge of the services available to a broader international audience, helping even more people manage the complicated business of music rights administration and artist development. 

Q: Tell us about your journey in the music industry?

In 1996, I snuck into the Mercury UK Marketing Dept. through the back door (long story), where I had my first real work experience in the industry. That soon led to paid temporary work throughout the PolyGram group, landing finally as Pete Tong’s PA.  

My first full-time role was as Int’l Marketing Coordinator at Mercury (UK) International. Certainly not all glitz and glamour, it gave me a solid grounding supporting the marketing and product managers working on bands like Metallica and Def Leppard, artists including Elton John and Mark Knopfler, and the fantastic Manifesto and Talkin’ Loud labels which boasted legends like Roni Size and Todd Terry.  

In 1998, I moved to the Netherlands (for love) and got myself a job as International Promotions Manager at Roadrunner International. I left there nine years later as Director of International Product Management. Working closely with Slipknot, Machine Head, Soulfly, Type O Negative, and even Nickelback was one of the best times of my working life in my late 20s/to mid-’30s, and I still have a close bond with my ex-colleagues and bands with whom we shared experiences at that time. 

By 2007, I had two daughters under three and needed to work closer to home. I was lucky to find my next job, just a 10-minute bike ride from home, and I stayed there for ten years! I worked for Fintage House, a prestigious music publishing administrator. I began as a Relationship Manager and became Head of Client Relations. I was there when Jason Mraz’s ‘I’m Yours’ exploded, and I cared for diverse artists and catalogues, including Downtown, Spirit Music Group, Tori Amos, Hasbro, WWE and even the Smurfs! I learned everything about music publishing admin on the job working with such fantastic, meaty clients as those. 

My next move was to Songtrust, where I was responsible for Int’l Bus. Dev. I significantly expanded the company’s roster of clients, particularly in Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, and Kenya in particular), Asia, India, Southern Eastern Europe, and MENA. 

In 2023, I set up my Freelance company, Mandy Salem-Aubry Music Services and began working for Paradise Worldwide in May.  Beyond my corporate roles, I’m deeply invested in mentorship and education within the music industry, contributing to initiatives like HEMI, the Hub for Music Innovation, and mentoring at Berklee Valencia. I also engage in music publishing and rights management training sessions at institutions like IMB School, Barcelona, and the Royal Conservatoire, The Hague.

Q: Can you share a musical influence that inspires you?

Gloria Cavalera, manager of Max Cavalera, her husband, is a pivotal figure in the heavy metal music scene. She is just incredible. When I worked for Songtrust, we published a spotlight about her. You can read it here: 

Sarah Jane Nicholson, South Africa 

MD Paradise Africa 

Q: What are your main areas of responsibility at Paradise Worldwide?

A: Firestarter – connector – brand builder – backup chef  

Q: Tell us about your journey in the music industry?

A: As the Managing Director of Paradise Worldwide (Africa), I am deeply committed to revolutionizing African music on the global stage. My work focuses on establishing a transparent infrastructure for revenue collection to ensure the autonomy of African artists and labels.

Q: Can you share a musical influence that inspires you?

A: My passion lies in fostering a more equitable music industry, and through executive development programs and strategic collaborations, I aim to elevate African music and its creators on an international level. 

Black Coffee, with his blend of authentic & original South African house is definitely an influence and a motivation for where we can go as an African music community. He’s got this knack for keeping it authentically African while making waves internationally, which really speaks to me. His work ethic inspires me to keep things genuine yet innovative and always driven, aiming to get African music the global recognition it deserves. In my role, I’m all about breaking down barriers and showcasing the rich talent from our continent, much like Black Coffee does! Pro & direct! Stays away from the drama!

Martha Mangwani, South Africa 

Young Executive from the Building Bridges Programme in collaboration with Africa Rising Music Conference 

Q: What are your main areas of responsibility at Paradise Worldwide?

A: During the programme my main focus was running the Paradise Sound System Socials and Label Management for Paradise Africa

Q: Tell us about your journey in the music industry?

My music journey officially began in 2019 when I received a bursary from DJ Mo Flava & Soul Candi Institute of Music to study DJ & Production. Since then, I’ve experienced significant growth and learned valuable lessons along the way. One pivotal moment was attending the Dance Music Summit in 2020, which sparked my interest in the music business.

Since then, I’ve secured several residencies and had the opportunity to feature on my favorite radio stations and Trace TV. Along the journey, I discovered my passion for supporting emerging talent and building connections in the industry. Collaborating on programs like the Bridge Building Programme with Paradise Worldwide, SAMPRA, and the Africa Rising Music Conference has allowed me to amplify women in the industry, foster cross-cultural connections, and help artists showcase their work effectively.

An unforgettable highlight was participating in an exchange program in Berlin, which further enriched my understanding of the global music scene. Overall, my journey has been a blend of growth, learning, and meaningful connections, and I’m excited to see where it leads next.

Q: Can you share a musical influence that inspires you?

There are various artists who I look up to: Thandi Draai, Mirriam Makheba & Lebo Mathosa. Besides each artist being a woman they fostered to be pioneers in their own sound and being game changers not just as artists but for the culture.