Kat – Safe Haven Marketing Campaign Case Study

Kat is a UK-based emerging artist from the pop/soul scene. Kat joined as a Paradise Worldwide client and released her first single, ‘Safe Haven’, with us on the 10th of March 2023, followed by an EP release on the 28th of April

Our Digital Solutions team partnered with Kat, to run campaigns across Meta (Facebook & Instagram) and promote her first single ‘Safe Haven’, and together we achieved extraordinary results.

Starting with just 200 monthly Spotify listeners, Kat’s audience skyrocketed to over 15,000, with the single amassing over 58,000 streams in just 2 months. How did we do it?

Through a collaborative approach, leveraging great music, and visual assets, Kat’s organic follower base (≠3K on Instagram), and strategic campaigns on social media.

First META Campaign

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Press text: ‘Safe Haven is an upbeat yet subtly heart-wrenching love song, following the experience of meeting someone who slots perfectly into your life, and makes you feel at home. With its hard-hitting bass notes and interesting chords, Safe Haven takes great inspiration from current UK R&B and intends to blend pop structures with epic sounds to create a different and refreshing kick-start to 2023.


Objectives: Drive traffic from social media to Spotify (main focus), and other primary DSPs i.e. Apple Music & YouTube.

Methods: 1 day pre-save campaign (FB/IG); 14 day awareness campaign (FB/IG); 21 day post-release swipe-up – landing page conversion campaign (FB/IG)

Campaign Results

  • 3200 new listeners were converted in the first 4 weeks of each release directly from advertisements.
  • Top target territories reached: Germany, USA, UK, Australia
  • 45% streams from Listener’s own playlists and 49% Spotify algorithmic playlists – due to high engagement from acquired listeners.
  • >287K streams on ‘Safe Haven’ to date

This achievement is the result of a collaborative approach, blending Kat’s exceptional music, captivating visual assets, and a strategic campaign across Meta platforms. Over 3,200 new listeners were converted within the first four weeks of each release directly from our advertisements, with top target territories such as Germany, USA, UK, and Australia contributing significantly to the success.

Crucially, the balanced streams from ‘Safe Haven’—45% from listeners’ playlists and an impressive 49% from Spotify algorithmic playlists—directly highlight the effectiveness of our ad campaign in not only resonating with listeners but also securing substantial algorithmic support. These percentages underscore the campaign’s success, demonstrating strong audience connection and an exceptional ability to influence algorithmic playlists. These outstanding results not only met but exceeded our objectives, marking a solid foundation for Kat’s promising journey in the music industry, fueled by the significant impact of our strategic ad campaign.