Latin America and its importance in the digital era

Latin America is well known for its warm weather, an awesome variety of food, never-ending parties, dance culture, and the warm welcome of the people. With a total of 20 countries and more than 470 million people connected to the Internet, this region of the American Continent gave birth to extraordinary genres in music like Bachata, Reggaeton, Salsa, Cumbia, Mariachi, Tango, Bossa Nova, Bolero and many more.

Latin America and its importance in the digital era

Latin music is all over the world. Artists like J Balvin, Maluma, Bad Bunny, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee are leading the way to connect with some of the most relevant genres in the area. Each year the Grammy Awards include more music created by Latin artists and the streaming charts are continuously filled with music by them.

But not everything is about reggaeton, as​ ​Electronic Music has also played a very important part on how music is evolving. Countries like Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Brazil have also been part of an era of big international festivals, where thousands of people attend them each year from all around the world.

In 2020, Spotify’s first edition of their award ceremony was hosted in Mexico City. The reason was very simple: the Mexican capital has the most listeners on the platform, ahead of metropolitan hubs like New York, London and Paris.This trend continues on other DSPs such as Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube Music and the local player, Claro Musica, where a huge amount of consumers are demanding content in the region.

Other cities in the region like Sao Paulo (Brazil), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Bogotá (Colombia), Lima (Perú) and Santiago (Chile)​,​ all act as not only a hub to up & coming talent, but also a place where local talent are some of the top selling artists in the world, no matter the music genre. You might ask, what is their secret? It’s simple, ​passion.

Finding the right partner in the region

To distribute your music to all DSPs in the music world you need the right partner for your endeavor. A company like Paradise which has a physical presence in countries such as Germany, United States, South Africa​,​ and Mexico will not only ensure that your music is getting into all stores around the world (including the local players in the region), but will also support you in the understanding of the global markets.

Latinos care a lot about music ​–​ it’s in their DNA​.​ As an Artist, you might consider doing something more than just posting a flyer announcing the track with a Spanish caption.

You need to connect with them in a true and genuine way. Good examples are Q&As, Instagram or Facebook Live, having a conversation on Twitter, do a live chat with your fans in TikTok or maybe show us how you created a track inside your studio in a YouTube video. These connections translate into better interaction within the region and fuels one of the activities Latinos do best: suggesting music to their friends and family.

Keep in mind that the people in Latin America are very social. They like to engage in a lot of conversations no matter if this is happening in Twitter or inside the comments section in YouTube, they have a natural way to engage with topics related to their favorite artists inside Social Media.

As we’ve worked a variety of​ ​social media campaigns with our clients, it has always been important that we use a wide variety of data sets​ ​in addition to ​our​ local input from the market. This has helped​ ​not only in better performance and feature placements​,​ but also the Artists & Labels get the opportunity to be displayed as features inside official playlists and charts in the region.

If you’re ready to get your music into the world, head over to our services to find the one that suits best. Once you’re ready to go live, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Written by: Adrian (Trino) Perez: Label Manager | Central & South America