Leonie’s Experience: Paradise Team at Eurosonic 2023

By Leonie Junge 

I had the pleasure of attending Eurosonic, Europe’s largest and most renowned music showcase festival, in the charming city of Groningen. The sheer variety of musical genres and styles on offer was suprising and I was delighted to see so many talented artists, bands and producers from around Europe performing on stages all around the city. 

The Conference

Thursday and Friday morning saw me attending the International Music Manager Forum Meeting Sessions, which were both informative and inspiring. With the headline “What I Wish I Had Learned Earlier” in full effect, these sessions were all about the knowledge exchange between professionals within the music industry, with topics ranging from artist development to web3 and digital marketing. It was particularly interesting to gain insight into the ways in which thedigital revolution has been transforming the music industry and the methods of which new and emerging artists are using to progress their careers.

Photo from: Eurosonic

Speaking at Eurosonic

Speaking on a panel at Eurosonic provided a platform to emphasize the criticality of closing the data gaps in the music industry and how digital distributors should guarantee that all metadata is provided to all concerned parties to ensure the collection of royalties. 

Digital distributors have an important role to play in the music industry and need to be sure that the metadata they are delivering is accurate and up-to-date. It’s also important to ensure that all parties involved in the production and distribution of music have access to the same data. This will help ensure that the rights can be collected and distributed correctly. Additionally, digital distributors should make sure that music recognition services have access to all of the necessary data so that they can accurately identify the music and identify the rightsholders. 

In addition to the thought-provoking sessions, Eurosonic was full of incredible music from up-and-coming artists from all over Europe. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to discover such talent and to network with different music industry professionals from all corners of the globe. Eurosonic is definitely a must-visit for those that are interested in the European music scene, or even just looking to get their hands on bringing their artist out to the world.

Live Acts

Peter Somuha

One performance that has stuck with me since my visit to Eurosonic was that of Dutch-Ghanaian trumpeter Peter Somuha. His incredible way of expressing himself through his instrument was truly remarkable. I was also very impressed with multi award winning duo “Svaneborg Kardyb” from Denmark who brought a melding of beautiful melodies, delicate minimalism, catchy grooves and organic interplay on a stage that was build on the altar of an old church…a very special atmosphere I must say.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Eurosonic was an incredibly inspiring experience. Not only was it a great place to listen to new music, but it also provided a platform for industry professionals to come together and discuss the challenges and opportunities within the music industry.