Mechanical Royalties jump by 32 % – and Paradise is already there!

At Paradise we have extended our worldwide Mechanical Collection Service portfolio by signing trendsetting deals with Beatport and Tencent! This is an important step as we know how important but yet underrated mechanical royalties are – especially for independent labels and creatives. 

The result is that clients of Paradise PRO+ (currently only available in Europe) and Paradise Americas will get paid mechanical royalties – not lumped amongst overall payments, but stated separately on our statements – directly and on top of the monthly master recordings revenue (digital downloads and online streaming) of the tracks on Beatport and Tencent.

Royalties that creators are legally entitled to receive for the worldwide consumption of their music usually suffer high deductions and take long periods of time before they get paid. At Paradise we constantly strive to speed up this process by cutting out middle-men and performing a transparent and direct rights collection.

We herewith celebrate another two great deals that enable our clients to primarily focus in permanently creating and releasing their best music while receiving the corresponding payments for their use worldwide. And this with the lowest deductions and as fast as possible. A big step in the world of digital music distribution but yet just another move towards Creator’s Paradise…