Multi-Track Reels

Reels are a very popular way to share content on Instagram. With video format becoming the #1 way to communicate through social media, mastering Reels is essential when promoting your newest tracks. Meta has announced that you can now add several of your tracks into one video, licensed or original audio. This might be a very useful way of showing more of your catalogue as a Label or featuring your best tracks as an Artist. This walkthrough will help you create the best Reels with music for your fans:

You can add up to 20 tracks in a reel, and also line these up with elements like text, stickers, and clips while editing directly in the Instagram app. 

We see this feature unlocking many new, fun types of content, such as:

  • Create themed Reels  (e.g. a NYC trip with multiple NY songs in it)
  • Mix funny Original Audio quips with music for comedic Reels.
  • Quickly change the mood of a Reel (e.g. ‘Before & After’)
  • Love the instrumental intro of a song but not the rest? Use that section multiple times.


Several artists have been instrumental in popularising Amapiano, both locally and internationally. Some of the most notable names include:

  1. How to create a reel with multiple tracks
  2. Record a reel and tap the Music icon to select your first audio track for your reel. Remember that you can also add your first track before you begin recording, after you upload video from camera, through the reels editor, and from audio pages.
  3. Once you’ve selected the first track you’d like to use in your reel, tap Edit video and select Add audio to include a second track. 
  4. If you want to add a third track, tap the second track to unselect it (the yellow outline around it should disappear) and select Add audio. Do this for every additional audio you want to add.
  5. Use the editor tool to place, trim, overlap, and/or adjust the volume of your tracks.
  6. You can change or remove tracks before sharing your reel by tapping Edit video, selecting the track, then either tapping Replace or Discard.


  • You can combine licensed music and original audio in your reel’s audio mix. 
  • Reels with multiple tracks will display all tracks in the title of the audio. 
  • Lyrics can only be added for 1 track – if you attempt to add lyrics for a second track, the lyrics previously selected will be removed.