New Year, New Chances, New Releases: Kickstart into the new year with your release planning now!

Our latest addition to Team Paradise, Leonie Junge gives us some tips on how to plan for the year ahead release date wise!

Let´s be honest: We all know that feeling of waking up on the 1st of January, pumped with motivation and goals for the new year, taking it as a chance to change and improve our lifes. The first two months of a new year are fresh and full of new beginnings…an untouched year waiting for us to be shaped however we want to!

Well, as an artist you create the soundtrack for all of us and that’s exactly what makes the beginning of the year such a good time for releasing music. You should also use the fresh energy to get your release planning kicking for 2022. Here´s a little insight on what to release when in the next year!

***Keep in mind: Before releasing your music you should consider at least 4 – 6 weeks of time for promotional efforts and planning, so remember to choose your release date accordingly.***

As briefly mentioned earlier, January and February are a very good time for your release. The world is hungry for some new music to get going and stay motivated. That´s why this time of the year is best for

Workout songs, positive messages, upbeat and motivational music.

And of course, Valentine´s Day is coming around in February, so get your love song or break up soundtrack ready in January to release right on time.

In March the SXWS Music Festival is coming around, which makes this time not ideal for a release due to all the media outlets and channels being packed with content. If  you want to release during this time either way, make sure to plan in the beginning of February and release some feel good, light and happy party tunes. Same goes for April…

Not planning to release in the beginning of the year? Then seize the new push of motivation to get ready for spring and summer! In May the dark and grey days are finally over and summer festival season is about to take over. So get ready to plan your release in March or April, when you have some Summer, Celebration music and upbeat, happy tunes ready.

In June and July summer is here, so start to get your summer tracks ready in the beginning of May to give us the music we need to dance and vibe though day and night!

As you see, it is essential to schedule and plan your release on time, to get the people the right sound at the right time. The new year is a new chance for you to really get stuck into release planning for the first half of 2022!

Let´s keep growing! #weareparadise