Paradise Sound System 2022 Wrap-Up

2022 was full of ups for Paradise Sound System. Following a great year where we made brilliant connections, listened to awesome music, met amazing people and many more, let’s have a look back on the year on our In house label Paradise Sound System!


For us, we found it immensely important to put out music that we can be proud of. Music that tells genuine stories, all with intention and a deeper meaning behind each track and release.

Releases such as the Shayde remix of Mhlaba by Ajourneyofmilez, which marked the very goal of Building Bridges while meeting in the middle of efforts and creating a track that combined the two continents together, Africa and Europe. In regards to storytelling and a unique journey of the soul, we are proud of Namakau Star’s Landing EP release. Which set itself as a release that highlighted not only the conclusions that people arrive at at various stages of their lives, but the importance of the journey we all take to become who we are or who we will be. In terms of giving thanks and having tributes to experiences gained, The EC Twins’s track Marimba was the effort of the duo to display their cultural and musical takeaways from their time in Africa, truly giving back and showing their inspirations from the people and art of the continent. When it comes to telling the story of people living day-by-day, and highlighting issues and struggles of the person making it in life, we are thankful for XXC Legacy and her Hip Hop sound on the End of Days EP and Muziki Beatz compilation, and for Phumelela – by Yolanda Fyrus and Star Jeff the Producer, which talked about how some of the youth of South Africa stay resilient despite facing multiple issues and hardships. With all these releases being shown love from multiple playlists on streaming platforms such as Spotify’s Electronic Rising, Apple Music’s front page and official Afro House playlist, Youtube Music’s After Work Feeling, House Music With Love’s Afro House 2022, we are so grateful!


In our efforts to stay in the spirit of collaboration, we made contact and worked with various companies and organizations on several campaigns. We worked with the amazing teams of Women in Music, TRACE Southern Africa, SAMPRA with our Building Bridges internship, the Africa Rising Music Conference and Flame Studios, Crosstrainer, Muziki, Fameweek Africa, Khulisa and R.Y.S.E among many others!


As we at Paradise Sound System always strive to strengthen and make connections internationally and globally, we are happy to say we have worked with music and artists from many places in the world. Working towards efforts in East Africa such as Kenya with the Dylan-S and Foozak remix of the EC Twins’ Marimba as well as gaining knowledge and featuring Anyiko Owoko, highlighting releases that tell the stories of countries such as Namibia with DJ Dreas’ Unona Wa, gaining collaborations as well with artists in countries such as the US, Germany and South Africa, having members of our team in the Netherlands, and many more! With Building Bridges, we are proud to have worked in these areas!


With our desire to get great music out there into the world, we are also happy for the achievements of getting releases featured with a variety of great publications and blogs! Features such as Music in Africa, When We Dip, Music is 4 Lovers, Jukebox Magazine, and many more!


This year we also had the opportunity to attend many events in different territories and countries, members of our team attended the Africa Rising Music Conference in Johannesburg, which highlighted both local music, artists from different continents, industry knowledge, all with attendees and panelists both local and international! We were also able to attend the biggest music festival in Eswatini – the MTN Bushfire Festival! Where we ended up seeing, signing and releasing singles and an upcoming EP by Hanwah and Qibho Intalektual! Conferences such as the XP Music Conference in Riyadh where we gained valuable insight, and as well as the Amsterdam Dance Event! Where our very own team member Sarah Jane Nicholson participated in the ADE Cycle, cycling 500 kilometers from London to Amsterdam all to raise money for the Bridges For Music programme, which provides underprivileged children with a free music education!

We would once again love to give out the biggest thanks to everyone we’ve met, everyone we’ve worked with, and we’ve reached over the years – from the team of Paradise Sound System, we look forward to the new year and look forward to Building More Bridges globally!