PRO+ Ambassador – Springstoff

This month, Rainer Scheerer from our PRO+ Ambassador Springstoff had an interview with us & told us about their favorite PRO+ Services, their upcoming projects and much more…

Springstoff and its associated labels consistently help put genres from all over the spectrum on the map and highlight key musicians in the field. Thank you Springstoff for being a part of our PRO+ membership program – read the full interview below!

Q: Where are you from and where are you currently based? 

A: From Berlin, Germany, and also based in Berlin.

Q: What does being an independent label or artist mean to you?  

A: Working as an independent Label means that you are building artist careers, you kind of educate your artists within the music industry and hopefully grow together with them as a team.

Q: Tell us in a short way about your musical background & early influences. 

A: My personal musical background is somewhere between club culture of Berlin, classical music and german hiphop. Fun fact: most operas were written and performed more like going to festival nowadays.

Q: Which of your current projects are exciting you the most? 

A: There is so much happening at the moment, but keep an eye on TEZA. We will have her first single and video released soon. Really excited about this one 🙂

Q: Which are your proudest musical achievements? 

A: Having an artist on main stage Fusion Festival (more than 15K people in front of that stage) was mindblowing.

Q: How did PRO+ help you with your releases? 

A: First of all the discounts of course save money, which will make it a bit safer to invest into a release.

Q: What is the most beneficial PRO+ service that you are using? 

A: I don’t know where to start, we basically work with nearly all services / partners. All these things combined gives you the power of a great team, even if you run your label as a one-person company.

Q: Tell us a bit about your upcoming projects.

A: We are currently preparing two showcase events at the ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) and one month later going to South Africa to have a one week long song-writing camp with local artists.

Q: Anything in addition you would like to mention about PRO+?

A: I think it is really important to have a great working relationship as label & distributor. Having more tools and services available for releases and artists is definetely something which adds up to your Label USP.

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