Rave The Planet Parade 2022: Together Again

By Leila Salinas

Last Saturday, the Rave the Planet Parade hosted 150 DJs, many afterparties, 18 floats, around 270.000 ravers (according to different sources); and Paradise was there! The Parade kicked off on West Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm and made its way to the Großer Stern monument in Tiergarten, where the final speech was given by Dr. Motte.

Our team raved through the streets of Berlin, and we even took DJ Invizable’s bike out and ride it alongside the Rave the Planet’s float! We were also walking around & connecting with the crowd. By the time the Parade arrived to its final stage,  our team hopped on the first float to create some cool content for you & connect with the amazing crew of Rave the Planet.


In its first edition in 1989, the Parade came alongside the fall of the Berlin wall, and celebrated dance music, unity, and stood as a political demonstration. Almost 20 years after his last Love Parade, German DJ Dr. Motte was back this Saturday with the Rave the Planet Parade; once again aiming to make the culture of clubbing part of UNESCO world Heritage.

The Rave the Planet Organization believes that techno culture in Berlin meets all the requirements to be recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO. In their website, they state that: “Culture refers to values, traditions and different identities. A heritage is something that is handed down from generation to generation. Intangible means that it is not physical, but rather spiritual or intellectual.” So you can have a clearer view, other examples of Intangible Cultural Heritage are: the Gay Parade in Amsterdam, Reggae for Jamaica, and Zurich Techno Culture.


Of course, our Paradise team did not want to miss the opportunity to be back & for many of our international and young team members, to attend the Parade for the first time.

“Experiencing the Parade for the first time was unreal. The energy around everyone was definitely an experience in itself. Being there with the rest of the Team gave me another perspective on techno being more than just a genre: being protected Cultural Heritage.”, Cairo said after the Parade.


As you already know, last May, our team traveled to South Africa to attend the Africa Rising Music Conference held in Johannesburg. During ARMC, our team talked and created connections with the South African music publication, Music in Africa. Together, we organized a remix competition for African artists and producers.

We called on African Artists and producers to remix the official Rave the Planet Anthem, made by Kai Tracid and A*S*Y*S. The winner of the competition got the chance to release and distribute the track with us, including professional postproduction of the song (mix & mastering), a marketing campaign and promotion of the remix via Rave the Planet.

Are you curious about the winner? Stay tuned! more info about the remix competition & a brand new video about the Parade will come soon! Be sure to check our Socials.


Be it by raving with the crowd as we danced to the music from the floats, by riding DJ Invizable’s bike, or just by feeling the amazing energy from all the people around; of one thing we can be certain: the legendary Parade is back.