Searching for Paradise has reached its final stages

Last friday, April the 22nd, Women in Music South Africa announced the Searching for Paradise finalists. Earlier this year, Paradise Sounds SystemWomen in Music South Africa & Trace Southern Africa called for all emerging women-identifying artists to be part of the ‘Searching for Paradise’ compilation slated for release on the 29th of April 2022.

The finalists and their compilation songs are: 

  • Soki Saka – Love Don’t Cost A Thing
  • Don Calya – Our Love
  • La Vita – Amukela
  • Luleka Enn – Ndiyoyika
  • Yashna – Lost
  • Asah M – Phola
  • Mannie – Keep It Real
  • LUYD – Just Be
  • The Blvck Sash – Rain
  • Rosie Leigh – Dlala Ngami
  • The Bridget Pike Experience – Who I Am

The submitted songs vary from RnB, Pop, Hip-Hop and House Music, each one telling its very own story. The ‘Searching for Paradise’ compilation encompasses what made the competitors fall in love with music and the sacrifice, losses, risks, ambitions for career advancements, and one of their most unforgettable moments that have inspired  their continual pursuit of music  leading to this pivotal moment in their artistic development. 

As the competition nears conclusion, the power lies in the hands of you, the listener. You are urged to keep your ear tuned to your preferred streaming platform, stream and share your favorite song with your friends, as the finalist with the most streams will win the competition and be rewarded with a music video.

Learn more about the stories of our finalist in the week leading up to the release, as we publish them in the Paradise Sound System Instagram Account.