Need assistance with Sync Licensing? We Got You.

Did you know that for Sync licensing (e.g your music inside a movie or used for a brand campaign…) requires the clearing of Master/Recording and Publishing rights? Our Paradise team is offering this Sync Service, read our article below to know more about it! 


Sync and samples are forms of music licensing that involve processes of negotiation with a view to granting, or obtaining, recorded rights and publishing rights. Before we look into samples and sync separately, it is worth pointing out that recording rights is one term that is interchangeably known as “master rights” or even “sound rights” and which relate only to the recording you own. Publishing rights are often termed composer or composition rights or rights in the “work” – these are handled either by the composers themselves or more regularly by publishers on behalf of their composers.  These rights relate specifically to the copyright in the composition, which may appear on any number of recordings by any number of different artists.


Syncs (from the word ‘synchronisation’ – in our world this means to connect an audio- with a video-file and create an audio-visual (“AV”) production) are licenses that are granted to third party filmmakers, TV companies, game developers etc. who are looking to place a piece of music in their productions. These usages have to be applied for and approved, ideally with a fee paid and the terms of that usage stipulated. There are many factors involved in the granting of sync rights and it is easy and common for musicians to be unfairly exploited when they agree to syncs without advice.

The Paradise Publishing Team has had extensive experience in music supervision and in negotiations with audio-visual producers in all strata of the business from big budget TV commercials, large scale film and TV productions down to public interest, independent, student and online productions. We act in accordance with the wishes of you as copyright and/or master owner and look to extract the best and most appropriate value in any and all film/audio-visual vehicles.


Our Publishing team has cleared publishing and master rights for Paradise Clients in numerous successful productions, including “The Wife” and “Nadia Naked” on Showmax & the film “B-Boy Blues” directed by Jussie Smollet. We have also worked in supervisory capacities for productions including the FIFA ’22 game, among others; helping our clients get additional revenue on top of Streaming, Downloads and Monetization money. 

Therefore, we know how the processes of negotiation and finalising contracts work and how time-sensitive they are. If you feel like you need support on obtaining these licenses, please get in touch with us – we’ll be happy to help. We will charge a part of the sync license, so there are no fixed costs involved on your end. In case the sync deal can’t be realised this service remains free-of-charge for you as a Paradise partner. Furthermore, for those who are Distributions clients only, we can even help without the need to sign a Publishing deal.

Collect all your rights and do not miss the opportunity on Sync revenues!

If you have questions about it, please don’t hesitate to contact our specialized team member Jay Savage at: