The Importance Of Capturing Setlists

Live Performance Returns Post-Covid

The numbers are in. The umbrella music licensing and collection body ‘CISAC’ have just released figures on the global live performance business during the Covid area. Music Performance earnings, (money collected from performances of music: broadcast and live) has plummeted dramatically. Not surprisingly, the biggest drop was seen in live performance revenue. Globally, live music returns fell by more than 55 percent! The decimation of live music in real terms means around $4billion dollars in total vanished from the industry in the past 18 months. As hard as that is to digest the good news is that it does mean prospects for songwriters in 2022 and the future are great…   

The importance of Capturing Setlists

So, it is with this in mind that we at Paradise want to emphasize the critical importance of having live performances properly documented in order to be properly processed and have your correct earnings share guaranteed. 

Before commencing a tour of a foreign country or even playing show in your home territory, it is important you acquaint yourself with the documentation procedures required for collection and distribution of performance earnings to which every composer is entitled.

And as the world cautiously reopens for live events, Paradise Publishing wishes to remind everyone that you (as a writer) may be eligible for royalties any time your works are performed live on stage. Please note that you are ONLY eligible for royalties if the work is already registered so don’t forget to get in touch with us if your works are still to be notified.

How does one submit a live setlist?

In an ideal world, the performer (or his/her/their road manager) would submit a detailed Setlist to the promoter who would, in turn, submit this to the respective Performance Rights Organisation in that territory. However, we encourage everyone to log your performance Setlists (whether they’re fully live, semi-live or played in a digital format by a DJ) in the portal of your respective society. If you are not the performer, but you are the writer, remember to request these details from the respective performers regularly. Remember: even an online / virtual show needs to be properly documented so don’t neglect to include these Setlists in your submissions.

You’ll need to log the performance’s set lists directly with the societies in their respective portals. Not all societies are listed below, but here are some links with instructions on how to do so.

For SAMRO members:

For ASCAP members:

For GEMA members:

For PRS members:

Don’t delay!! If you miss the cut-off dates for Setlist submissions, your opportunity to collect due royalties may lapse.

If your society is not listed above, and/or if you are battling to find the info, please don’t hesitate to contact us.