The Young Executives Corner

Welcome to the Young Executives Corner, an exciting new segment curated by the three talented apprentices from South Africa who have joined us as part of the Building Bridges Programme: Martha Mangwani, Namakau Socika and Sharon Ramoshaba. This segment is a means to assist upcoming musical talents as well as aspiring executives to gain a little more insight on what it’s really like behind the scenes in the music business, before the perceived glitz, glamour and exposure that artists and businesses look for. What you see on the front end of music is the result of the hard work that teams strategically put together. So let’s dive into it, this article is for artists who feel that they’re ready to embark on their journey, the big leap of faith they may have to take for one of the most thrilling journeys they will embark on. Here are our top 3 tips to consider when preparing for your professional music journey.

1.  You’re a natural, so what?

One of the worst mistakes you could make when starting your music career is taking your gifts for granted by not developing them further. This means dedicating time and effort into practising your instrument, honing your vocal abilities, and refining your creative skills. This can be done in multiple ways like taking extra music lessons or attending music workshops or music conferences -to learn from more experienced musicians and music executives. A great example of a conference that offers all of the above is Africa Rising Music Conference which would give you an international learning experience that could gear you up to understand what it takes to unlock your full potential.

2.  Build Your Brand

In the Music industry building a strong brand is essential, your potential supporters need to understand what it is that you create, embody, and stand for. In the fast paced social media it’s not always easy to make an impression on potential audiences. Creating a unique image and persona that reflects your music is key, also remaining authentic will help you stand out from the rest so make sure your brand reflects what you feel is missing in this world. A good place to start is by looking at the brands of the artists that stood out for you when you first fell in love with an audience. This will help you identify key touch points on how you could present visually and sonically, once you have established what you feel is in alignment with you, you can use all the tools within your reach to put yourself out there and market not only the music but what you represent. In that way you begin to attract an audience that resonates with you and what you represent.

3.  Find your Vibe Tribe Network and Collaborate

Listen we cannot stress this one enough because as an artist you do not exist in a silo, building a strong community around you will allow for you to take strides that can only build you up and make you a better creative. Think of it as a means of expansion because it takes a village to make an artist successful so part of the leap of faith is making sure you genuinely connect with people and spaces that align with your bigger picture. Collaborate with other musicians, producers, and industry professionals. Attend industry events, join online music communities and reach out to other musicians to collaborate on projects. Collaborating with other creatives only helps you win in more ways than one from developing your own creative abilities to being exposed to new audiences which means more growth for you!

There you have it we rounded up some amazing tips to get you started on your journey, if you needed a sign to get started this is it!