#WeAreParadiseWorldwide Juan Aguilar

Assuring that artists receive all royalties that they are entitled to is one of our main goals here at Paradise. We focus on Independent artists, and we work hard for them. With these goals in mind, we are happy to present to you one of our latest additions to our team: Juan Aguilar. Juan started his journey with us at the end of last year, and we cannot be prouder of presenting him to you! Below, our interview with him. Enjoy! 

Q: How did your journey with Paradise Worldwide start?

A: I noticed the relevance of the company as an independent player in the music business worldwide, which appealed to me because I am an independent artist and manager myself: I have permanently planned and executed strategies for the promotion of my own music and the music of others in partnership with institutions from the public and private sectors. So I contacted Ralph Böge, head of Paradise, told him that I wanted to contribute to Paradise’s growth; and he hired me.

Q: What do you enjoy most about the role you play in the digital distribution world with Paradise Worldwide?

A: The professionalisation of the music business worldwide, by means of educating and representing the artists who create the music that we love.

Q: Whats your job / function at Paradise Worldwide? A day in the life…

A: I look for composers and labels who I consider to have publishing potential, present our deals to them, sign them and register their works at all the collecting societies that we work with and make sure that they receive all royalties that they’re entitled to for the usage of their music.

Q: Objects that you can’t live without…

A: My guitar, my computer, my phone, a pen and a piece of paper.

Q: Your favorite artist / label client of Paradise at the moment?

A: Frigid Armadillo.

Q: Describe your most proud moment at Paradise Worldwide?

A: Every day makes me proud: working with kind, talented and hard working people in order to defend the best interests of our clients.