#WeAreParadiseWorldwide – Julio Galvez

Question + Answer with Julio Galvez

1. How did your journey with Paradise Worldwide start?

My journey with Paradise started in November 2020, although I’ve been fortunate to know Deron, Managing Director of PA Americas, for more than a decade! Such a warm welcome from the entire team, guidance and education, I couldn’t have asked for a better start to this new journey.

2. What do you enjoy most about the role you play in the digital distribution world with Paradise Worldwide?

I feel empowered every day working with the team, and I’ve made it my mission to also empower the amazing artists and labels I work closely with. The freedom to create new ideas, strategize and execute, with guidance of my team, and the trust of our labels, keeps the energy levels high and allows for a positive work flow. My number one goal is to help our clients succeed, and as the digital landscape evolves, so do we – this motivates me every day to see the entire Paradise ecosystem win.

3. Whats your job / function at Paradise Worldwide? A day in the life…

As A&R/Label Manager of Paradise Americas, I listen to a TON of music daily. I love discovering new music, artists and labels, hearing new tracks, building on new ideas, and helping to guide the magic in a completion of a release. I’m available 24/7 for my clients – plenty of consulting and chatting through upcoming releases, strategy, scheduling, pitching and more. Education is key, so learning from my teammates and building on forward-thinking digital solutions is always an important focus of mine as well.

4. 5 objects that you cant live without…

Definitely my cell phone and laptop, some days they are glued to my hands. My sonos, DJ equipment and sound system in my apartment are always playing music, I couldn’t imagine life without them. Truthfully, I’m grateful for every little thing in my life that helps keep me safe, healthy and functional.

5. Your favorite artist / label client of Paradise at the moment?

That’s a tough one! We have SO many amazing artists and labels on Paradise who are creating such beautiful music on the daily. I’m super excited for the summer and rest of the year, we’re working on some gems!

6. Describe your most proud moment at Paradise Worldwide?

To be honest, being invited to join the team and welcomed with open arms and years and years of knowledge and experience was and is an honor. Paradise keeps me sharp and I’m proud every day to represent my team and clients and help share incredible music to the rest of the world.

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