#WeAreParadiseWorldwide Leonie Junge

Today, we are proudly presenting to you one of our latest additions to the team: Leonie Junge. Leonie joined us as an intern in November last year, and her quick learning and dedication led her to stay full time with us, working mainly in the African Division. Learn more about her below.

Q: How did your journey with Paradise Worldwide start?

A: In November 2021, I started as an intern with only basic knowledge of the music business. I worked hard, learned fast and was offered a full time position in January, mainly working in the African Devision.

Q: What do you enjoy most about the role you play in the digital distribution world with Paradise Worldwide?

A: To see how my work can have a massive impact in an artists life; how an ingestion through DIRECT PRO and some Mails create a release that means so much to someone.

Q: Whats your job / function at Paradise Worldwide? A day in the life…

– Come to Office, see the lovely faces of my co workers in front of their computers.

– make a coffee, check Mails.

– Going back and forth with artists about their next release.

– Team discussions on how to improve our work flow.

Lunch together.

– ingesting and promoting music.

– Think of something fun to post for the Socials.

– Asking the Team for help.

Finishing the last bits (no chance to get everything done) closing the laptop and going home.

Q: 5 objects that you cant live without…

– A cozy bed.

– My lucky charm ring.

– My headphones.

– A note book.

– My backpack.

Q: Your favorite artist / label client of Paradise at the moment?

A: The Power Ladies from SA: Namakau Star and XXC Legacy.

Q: Describe your most proud moment at Paradise Worldwide?

A: An artist calling me just to express their gratitude, and the Searching for Paradise Competition Release.