#WeAreParadiseWorldwide – Ronja Maria Döring

Question + Answer with Ronja Maria Döring 

1. How did your journey with Paradise Worldwide start?

I’ve known several team members at Paradise Worldwide for a number of years. I was initially only in contact with them from time to time, but whilst on vacation in Poland at the Baltic Sea last summer, Ralph Böge (Managing Director at Paradise Worldwide) contacted me, quite spontaneously, and told me that the company was looking for a social media manager. A few calls later and one visit in the Berlin office and et voila – here I am! 🙂

2. What do you enjoy most about the role you play in the digital distribution world with Paradise Worldwide? 

I really love working with such a great, inspirational team who motivate me every day, and that we can work on so many great projects together. I love seeing the project from inception coming to life: taking the internal work to the outside and to presenting it to the www world! 

3. Whats your job / function at Paradise Worldwide? A day in the life… 

I am the Social Media Manager here at PWW. A typical Friday would see us presenting and promoting any new releases from artists and labels to our network: something we all work collectively on during the week leading up to release day. I also assist in the curation of weekly Spotify playlists, artwork design, collecting relevant stories with talkability to keep our audiences engaged.

4. Name 5 objects that you cant live without…

My Macbook and iPhone (so much internet to do!), my VW T5 Bus, my portafilter coffee machine (…but first, coffee!), my nail polish, which I use daily (I have not left my nails unpainted for even one day in 15 years) and so many more! 

5. Your favorite artist / label client of Paradise at the moment? 

I can’t pinpoint one exact label or artist but a current favourite is Einmusik & Lexer feat. Jyll – Leave You. I’m also enjoying Till von Sein’s latest release Tschaka’n’Tscheka:  nice summer vibes and easy listening.. But we have such a huge catalogue so its really hard to pick just one!  

6. Describe your most proud moment at Paradise Worldwide?

To get such great feedback from my colleagues about the improvement in our Social Media since joining the company: its testament to the hard work that we put in as a team, and it makes me super proud. The day we reached 1000 followers on Instagram was also a massive benchmark that we achieved with clever and interesting content combined with hard work.





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