#WeAreParadiseWorldwide – Sebastian Kästner

1. How did your journey with Paradise Worldwide start? 

I have a friend here who happened to attend the same school as Ralph (managing director) and Peer-Uli. It turned out that they also have their origins here. They never lost contact. So my friend introduced me to Peer-Uli and we immediately had a very good connection. So I got in.

2. What do you enjoy most about the role you play in the digital distribution world with Paradise Worldwide? 

Above all, that I can contribute to something I really want to contribute to. And that I can work with people who all love music.

3. Whats your job / function at Paradise Worldwide? A day in the life… 

I am a front-end developer, first and foremost. I develop and maintain the Paradise website, the Paradise blog and, most importantly, Paradise’s “Direct Client” portal, which I took over from its creator.

4. 5 objects that you cant live without…

– a tweezer. Cause it’s about the little things…

– My family of course. Not an object but some thing I don’t want to live without.

– comfortable headphones

– water

– schnitzel

5. Your favorite artist / label client of Paradise at the moment?

To be honest, I’m not very familiar with the catalogue yet because I’m rooted in other genres of music. Nevertheless, I really like the electronic sound and vibes that’s coming from Paradise, everytime it catches my ears.

6. Describe your most proud moment at Paradise Worldwide?

When I took over the direct client app project, it’s a huge complex thing and scared me a bit. So when we’ve discovered the first serious bug I had to fix, I was actually able to fix it, even in a reasonable time.